38 x 25 CM

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38 x 25 CM

38 x 25 CM

Heating pad for local thermo- or cryotherapy for back area


Heating cushion for local thermo- or cryotherapy. To support the treatment of back pain, lumbago, sciatica, distortions and contusions and rheumatic pains.

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Additional Product Characteristics

Moor has many extraordinary characteristics. One of the most important attributes is the ability to store heat or cold for a long time and then gradually release it again. Natural moor stores heat considerably longer and releases it at a slower pace than other materials like e. f. water, thermo gel or fango.

With discomforts due to signs of wear, heat eases the pain, encourages blood flow and with this enhances the nutritional supply of cells and joints. Because of the ability to release the heat over a long period of time, the painful muscle hardenings loosen up and relax.

Bad Aibling Moor Cushion as a heating pad for local thermo- or cryotherapy effectively supports the treatment of muscle tensions in the area of neck and shoulder, back pain and joint discomforts, menstrual cramps, rheumatic pains, lumbago, sciatica, distortions and contusions.


Before processing the newly cut Bad Aibling moor, it is cleared of stones and smaller branches. The cleared mud is blended with water and then mixed to an airy paste. Afterwards, this paste is filled by hand into the soft film and then welded shut. The higher share of entrapped air leads to the enhanced ability to store and release heat or cold.


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38 x 25 CM

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