15 x 2 PADS

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15 x 2 PADS

15 x 2 PADS

Natural eye care – soothing and vitalizing

Invigorates, recreates and tightens tired, stressed and delicate eyelids.

Contains common eyebright, fennel, arnica flowers and chamomile flowers. For revitalizing swollen eye areas after waking up, when it is hot or after having been in a dry and dusty environment.

The herbal eye pads comply with the guidelines for BDIH / Cosmos certified natural cosmetics and are especially gentle with sensitive and dry skin.

– primary products preferably from organic farming
– clear of artificial fragrances or colors
– clear of derivatives of mineral oil
– clear of PEG (polyethylene glycol)

For further information please turn to our packaging.

Available in specialized stores and pharmacies – PZN 06704742

Buy not at bei Auwald Bio


Additional Product Characteristics

Relaxing and revitalizing eye care for stressed eyelids of wearers of glasses or contact lenses or after a day of computer work. Refreshes eyes and makes tired eyes shine.

Treat yourself to a break from your daily routine and take a day off for wellness to enjoy complete relaxation. Combine eye care with applying a face masque and use the herbal eye pads while you leave the masque on.


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15 x 2 PADS”

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