Feel-good-time for mother and child

Scio Baby Massage contains apricot kernel oil, apple seed oil, almond oil and fennel oil for a relaxing massage and care of baby’s sensitive skin. In the Near Eastern territory, apple seed oil is also used as massage oil when flatulence occurs. Apricot kernel oil is virtually free from side effects and that is why it is especially suitable for baby care. It supports the skin’s regeneration and has a soothing effect on irritated skin.

The baby massage stimulates that part of the autonomic nervous system which tunes the body into calmness and relaxation. Moreover, it supports the digestive system.

Lipofluid complies with the guidelines for BDIH / Cosmos certified natural cosmetics and are especially gentle with sensitive and dry skin.

– primary products preferably from organic farming
– clear of artificial fragrances or colors
– clear of derivatives of mineral oil
– clear of PEG (polyethylene glycol)

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Available in specialized stores and pharmacies – PZN  13837202

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Touch with respect!
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