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The skin in contact with diapers is easily irritated by wetness (feces / urine) and needs special attention for skin care. Zinc ointment often is the first choice as a healing salve with reddened skin and diaper dermatitis.

Between baby’s fifth and seventh month of life, breastfeeding cannot meet the infant’s increasing need for essential nutrients anymore. The baby is now ready for new taste adventures. Some of them start enjoying their first baby food with vegetables or fruits. Some develop more problems than others with their digestion like diarrhea or constipation. Half a spoonful of oil for dietary supplement can make the transition to solid food easier.

The moor pads at room temperature are applied to a heated heat carrier. For that purpose the moor pad is put with its film side on the heat carrier. The damp side covered with fibers should be the one getting in contact with the skin. After leaving it on for 20 minutes, the skin feels smooth and warm and shows a better blood circulation. You can see tiny moor particles on the skin, but no need to worry: you can easily remove these moor components by dabbing or washing them off with clean water.

SCIO – You cannot ignore moor mud’s positive effects on the skin. The naturally antibacterial ingredients of moor mud soothe and balance skin irritations and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Humic substances activate the skin’s regeneration and by doing so, they boost the skin’s natural protective function.

The disturbing effects of emotional distress on the digestion are widely recognized in the medical field. The irritable bowel syndrome as well as the irritable stomach are the most widely spread forms of dyspepsia common in industrialized nations. Approximately 25 percent of the population are concerned with these symptoms at least once a lifetime. Many people suffer from distress and poor eating habits which may lead to nausea, heartburn, diarrhea or constipation. Amazingly, even a small change of eating habits towards a balanced diet may contribute to resolving most of the disorders.

The baby massage stimulates that part of the autonomic nervous system which tunes the body into calmness and relaxation. Moreover, it supports the digestive system. Babies, who get a massage on a regular basis, show an increased receptiveness after only a few weeks; they are more attentive and more effective in their movements. At the same time, both mother and child benefit from the massage.

  • the touch reduces the stress level.
  • baby massages enhance a good sleeping pattern.
  • massages improve the muscles’ coordination and flexibility.

SCIO Baby Lipogel
Contains ingredients suitable for baby’s soft skin. Free from water, our lipogel or lipofluid is naturally fatty and neutrally soothing. Lipid products do not contain any preservatives, artificial fragrances or colors and emulsifiers. Moreover, they comply with the standards of BDIH/Cosmos controlled natural cosmetics. 100 % vegan.

Good experiences have been made with a focused massage with SCIO Tamany Wind Ointment to improve the condition of flatulence. This ointment helps the baby to forward food particles and air bubbles through the colon. The active ingredient caraway oil contained in the ointment supports the blood circulation of the gastrointestinal mucous membrane as well as the gastric juice secretion.



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